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Originally Posted by Rigs11 View Post
ahhh yes....remember when that evil mayor limited the size of our big gulps? or how about when that evil michelle obama pushed for healthier meals and exercise? Damn evil gubmint! Taking our freedoms away!

A closer look at why child obesity rates may be falling

If the USA is starting to get a handle on childhood obesity, as federal health officials said Tuesday, what might we finally be doing right?

Three trends are being held up by health experts as encouraging developments: programs to get kids to exercise more, such as first lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move campaign; an increase in breast-feeding; and improvements in the nutritional content of foods provided to low-income women and children by the federal government.Thomas Frieden, director of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cited all three examples in a news briefing announcing small but significant declines in obesity among low-income preschoolers in 18 states from 2008 to 2011.

Child obesity rates started falling in 2003. The FLOTUS did not begin her program until 2010. So...yeah.

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