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Do you own home?
Do you drive a car?
Do you have a wife and kids?

Cause if you do, you likely carry Home Owner's, Autombile and Life Insurance. Do you realize you will likely pay a lifetime and almost never utilize the beneifts of these (you are paying in), but others are taking from that pool of money you all funded to cover their loses?
I own a home. I generally drive ****ty old cars that I fully own and carry liability only.. Not because I couldn't do better. But because I choose to sacrifice to minimize my costs. And I pay less based on the reality of my own personal risk decisions.

This is nothing like the mandate. What they expect you to pay has nothing to do with you and what you choose, or might be expected to cost. In fact, what you pay is basically a political decision. Obamacare is a reckless scheme that basically outsources the concept of a socialized payment (or maybe single payer) system. In reality it's the worst of both private and public sector solutions. And it will fall apart. Because solutions based on wishful thinking always do.

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