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False Premise.

I like how a system designed around the healthy young (and poor) subsidizing the sick old (and rich) is framed by Sully as the height of personal accountability. Proof he can brilliantly form any opinion he wants on any set of facts, and his groupies will relentlessly lap it up.
Do you own home?
Do you drive a car?
Do you have a wife and kids?

Cause if you do, you likely carry Home Owner's, Autombile and Life Insurance. Do you realize you will likely pay a lifetime and almost never utilize the beneifts of these (you are paying in), but others are taking from that pool of money you all funded to cover their loses? Do you feel secure that is your castle burns to ground, it wil be rebuilt for you, if you car is totaled the insurance company will replace it, if you dies your wife will be able to fund your kids education? Are these things you consider bad?

If these are considered good, as most rational people, why the double standard for health insurance?
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