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Trevor Siemian!

Originally Posted by errand View Post
Curious why some posters think picking a QB early is stupid?

How could a QB like Manning, Brady, Brees, etc. not be a solid pick early?

Peyton generated 311 fantasy points based on 1 point for every 10 yds rush/rec or 25 yds passing, 6 points per TD, and losing 2 points for every contrast the NFL's best RB, Adrian Peterson, generated 307 fantasy points
Because there isn't a very big dropoff between the highest scorer last year, Drew Brees, and say Tony Romo, who's basically the 10th-12th ranked QB this year. The difference between those 2 last year was actually about 5 points per week. This year Brees costs a 2nd rounder, while you can get a guy like Romo in the 8th-10th round. And you have guys like Ryan, Manning, Rodgers, RG3, Luck, Brady, Cam Newton, Kaepernick, Stafford, etc. all in between. There isn't much value there in getting the top QB anymore. Plus, in 99% of leagues you only start 1 QB.

Then you look at running backs, and every league you have to start 2-3 running backs, and there are only like 12 of them that can really be counted on. Good solid bellcows are pretty damn scarce anymore. So you really need to spend your first 2 picks, and 3 of your first 5 picks on a running back.

And actually what I've been doing in mocks this year thats given me the best looking results is going running back in rounds 1-3, and wide receiver in rounds 3-6. Then going with Romo and a high ceiling guy in RG3 or even wait longer and get another low risk high ceiling guy in Vick in the 10th-12th round, and like Bennett and Myers for my tight ends in rounds 9-10. Or even blow a 2nd on Graham if he gets to you there, then running back in rounds 1, 3, and 4. Your wideouts will still be OK in the 5th and 6th rounds, and you can still get your solid starter and high ceiling guy later on.
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