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I don't blame Mexicans at all. Just pointing out that the "Living Wage" argument doesn't reconcile well with the uncontrolled influx of 3rd world (sorry Baja ) labor.

In an honest labor market, in terms of honoring commitments made (like the minimum wage), there would be no way you could get away with paying someone anywhere near minimum wage to manually pick fruit all day. It's a suck job, and in a truly open market, you'd have to pay much higher wages to get it done.

But through the magic of illegal immigration, we implement a defacto caste system. And for the most part, big agriculture reaps what we sow.
We have the H2A Agricultural Visa program which requires migrant farm workers to be paid at least the federal minimum wage. Farm labor and illegal immigration are two different things, in spite of the amnesty lobby's efforts to conflate the two to erect the "but we'll starve" fear tactic.

Aside from that, why aren't we using able-bodied nonviolent criminals for this stuff? Liberal complaints, probably. The usual 'tards.
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