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He and many other conservatives are under the delusion that there are Americans just lining up for those jobs. When the fact of the matter is that immigrant labor is the only demographic willing to do the work. At any price.
It's funny how you kids lament Walmart wages, but then say there are all these jobs Americans won't do that in reality only pay Walmart wages.

Give me an even-dollar choice between cashing people out at Wally World or picking Strawberries in the heat all day and I'll pick Wally World every time. The difference is, illegal and/or spanglish-speaking immigrants have a lot tougher time landing jobs working with and around the public. So they take what they can get. If they weren't available, fruit picking wages would rise closer to the mythical "living wage" so many clamor for but few do anything about.

But this idea that there are just some tasks socioeconomically beneath the otherwise-starving American is pretty comical when you think about it.
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