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Johnson will get healthy IMO and is worth keeping regardless of who throws the ball.
Thanks for the input everyone.

I started to panic a little bit as the QBs were jumping off the board. I did not want to get stuck with E. Manning, Rapistberger or Romo.

As it turned out I could have waited and drafted Matt Ryan, so I did mess up there.

To tell you the truth I know very little about Johnson and his QB situation is really scary.

I figure Rex's job is on the line and he is going back to basics and will pound the ball. I figure Ivory could be a steal of the draft but right on queue he gets injured.

I like my Decker pick as he is not even a starter in my offense but he could be.

I plugged my my league into one of these programs and it said I had the #3 offense starters and the #1 bench.
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