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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
Who started more games and played better in 2011?

You are making a claim about that Safety Class, but if Q Carter was healthy and played last season, whose to say he wouldn't have been better last year as well..?

I think the what if game is a pointless exercise here. Carter could have been a better safety at full health, sure. But he wasn't and he's looking highly questionable to even make the team this year.

Now, Bmore Manningfanguy, I answered your questions.

Would you care to reciprocate and answer the ones I posed back a ways?
I asked 3 legitimate questions and that seemed to strike a nerve.

So, which safeties from the 2011 draft have had a better career thus far?
Which project to having a better career than Moore?
Is the your/you're thing shtick?
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