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Originally Posted by Dendave View Post
She offered me $73.98. I took it, better than the $224.98 I was offered yesterday. Now in a month or two I need to call back and get $$$ taken of the bill for some reason like last year with the Viacom issue and will get it for free.
Just called asked for promotions, when there asked what could I do to lower me bill, after everything said and done, DVR free for 6 months, HBO free for 6 months, Starz/Encore free for 6 months, even though I have automatic bill pay, $5 off for a year. So basically I am getting the DVR and HBO for free, I was paying, get Starz/Encore, which I didn't have and get an extra $5 off my bill because I use automatic bill pay, add in the additional $10 discount I was already receiving I am happy right now.
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