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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Linebackers Von Miller dinged his hand but came right back in after taking some time to make sure it was ok. He was still pretty dominant getting off the ball, but on a sort of rail route Manning threw to the corner pylon and Miller just faceguarded him and drew PI. Stewart Bradley at Mike was a big surprise, but he actually played pretty well and he also plays special teams. Nate Irving does not play special teams and didnt do too much. The big surprise at this position for me was Lerentee McCray. This guy plays like a dog with rabies. During one drill he destroyed Hillman seven yards deep into the back field and just kind of stood over him. Hes been running with the second team, but plays really lose like he knows what hes doing.

Defensive Backs The DBs pretty much dominated. There were no major missed assignments and everyone was pretty tight in coverage which meant that the times there were some completions, they were perfect throws or really athletic grabs. Champ got beat a few times. Its just going to happen because hes in his mid-thirties. The most consistently solid DB is Rahim Moore. He lines up where hes supposed to, is always in good position, he wraps up well and generally the QBs avoid him which may be why no one is talking about him. Hes been running with the ones since OTAs but no one was mentioned him in their reports. He made some really good plays in the run game. Nacho gets challenged a lot more but he usually rises to hit. He also likes to hit hard and blow up some blocks. Nacho still makes some mistakes though. Hes definitely more explosive out of his breaks than David Bowie, though, who is just more steady. Chris Harris stayed at nickel and Kayvon Webster was the number 2 corner for most of this practice. He was really impressive. He hits hard and attacks routes. Oskie mentioned he holds sometimes but the officials werent calling it so I guess it must not have been that bad. Overall the unit as a whole looked really good and with our receivers and our QB, I was kind of surprised. I think the large amount of run plays they had this practice probably didnt allow the passing offense to get in rhythm. Or it was just an off day.
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