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BTW, for those who want to keep blaming everything on the Sixties, I have a news flash: They lost. The so-called hippies (or whatever you want to call them) marched and protested for a world of peace, harmony, inclusion, environmental responsibility and economic equality. Their movement was crushed and replaced by a world of constant war, segregation, greed, environmental degradation and the worst economic disparity in history. To blame what has happened in America on "The Sixties" is to have your head so firmly up your ass that only the high decibel noise of Fox News can reach your ****-plugged ears.
Part of what they wanted was communism (economic equality IS communism so I assume you're outing yourself here as a communist). What you're also ignoring is the ongoing trashing of traditional morality, traditional family structure, traditional anything at all anywhere. So what we now have are a bunch of young people totally alienated from their roots and their elders and think their country is the embodiment of evil, thus looking to cling to anything BUT their country and traditions as a means to form their identities. They've turned into a bunch of self-loathing xenocentrists. In short, rejection of and rebellion against their elders, their country, their traditions, their heritage, authority, and sobriety. They tend to support any political movement or country that the US government sees as a problem. They inflate the misdeeds of the US and ignore or downplay those of everyone else. It goes on and on. Up with Hizbollah and Hamas, down with Israel.

Rebellion against their country and their elders has become more than just a fringe movement and is now not only an identity and way of life, it's the new youth mainstream culture. An upraised middle finger at society is the new sign of righteousness.

But hey, it's cool and **** cause like they were hugging trees and **** and stuff. You overlook the intentionally culturally and socially destructive aspect of the left's strategy, and THAT is what I'm referring to. They want to tear down society - in toto - and rebuild it in their image. Even the most lunatic theocratic Christian bigmouths on the reservations were never that bat **** crazy.

Unfortunately, I don't watch any cable news networks. But then again, the Fox News rumble is just another lefty canard. Please, continue.
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