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Tom Jackson

did anyone actually read the link?

(Update: An NFL spokesperson writes to let us know that the crackdown on spinning won't apply to touchdown celebrations, but only as the team is moving the ball down the field.)

They are trying...I guess to speed up play

Thought this was funny...a copmment from the link

"Thank goodness. I'm so tired of paying all this money to watch these damned guys go out there, do something they think is "good," and then show positive emotion about it. It's such bull****. This is a precision competition. You carry out your role according to script, you succeed or fail, and you repeat. I've been trying for YEARS to get my section to stop carrying on, what with all their "clapping" and "chants" and "woop whoop" business. It's tedious and really is a distraction from my study of the competitors. But this is a positive step by the league and I applaud it. Next up, let's finally get the officials to issue their PA rulings in terse German. Also, the games should only be aired in black and white. Color and HD are far too enthusiastic for our liking. And sad clowns should replace those scantily clad tramps who parade the sidelines each game. Chrissakes, enough is enough already. Today 9:19am"
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