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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
Exaggerating that he "only posts about race" is dishonest and doesn't serve any purpose. Go look at the first 5 pages on his posting history. It took me all of 30 seconds

Part of the hypocrisy I have seen over the years is a definite pattern of complaints about talking about race when it comes to something negative or otherwise about blacks or another race which causes uncomfortable feelings in white liberals; they tend to react by complaining the person speaking is hung up on race. But when the negativity spoken about race is something negative about white people be it from a non-white person especially, the same crowd never react with the same objections and rather do the opposite stupid thing which is to take every complaint as legitimate on face value. Name someone on here who posts about race from the opposite spectrum with even a fraction of the same regularity as txtebow does.

So basically, this is more about the listening audience than the speaking one. If you're going to complain someone only talks about race or only talks about it in a negative, accusatory manner, then by all means let all sides who do it have it. I'm not seeing this from the left and I take this into consideration when such complaints come up from them. Indeed, I ignore it. blah blah blah tripe blah blah blah
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