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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
I haven't read the bulk of anyone's posts here but I do recall plenty of times your posting about the political hypocrisy of mainstream media coverage, and I agree with it much of the time. However if someone has a personal beef with you, they tend to get tunnel vision and exaggerate what they don't like and ignore that which contradicts their attitude.

Moore's mistake was one play. Champ screwed up bad. Prater the same. One play does not make or break a player or a career. That game was not one play but a combination of a LOT of things. Bad plays by individuals, lack of pressure on the QB, and so forth. And the referees just made it worse.
Absolutely a false equivalency. Everyone in that stadium and on both teams knew what was at stake on that VERY play :35-28 Denver ahead...3rd and 3 from the Baltimore 29 yard line---Flacco had just scrambled for minimal yardage--the clock was ticking,42 seconds left and 1 timeout remaining...and Rahim Moore gets beat on this.....
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