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Originally Posted by Cito Pelon View Post
**** all these black folks criticizing Cooper for saying ******. When black folks stop calling each other ******, I'll stop calling some of them ******s.

I was listening to Rodney Harrison on the radio just now saying, "I've used the n-word many, many times, and you hear it a lot in locker rooms." But Cooper needs extensive counseling. **** you, Rodney. Go get some counseling and take all your brothas with you.
While I disagree with this completely, I think that Harrison's little rant was wrong, too.

He was saying something about how Ginger Hammer is a disciplinarian, and how he was disappointed with the commissioner's response to the whole thing. He said the NFL should suspend Cooper.

I disagree, because it's setting a different standard for black and white players. In this is a case, it is a black and white issue (pun intended). If you suspend one player for saying the n-word, then you have to suspend every player who uses the word.

Hell, I've seen the word on Ryan Clady and Wes Woodyard's facebook page.

Otherwise, you're holding black players and white players to a different standard.

I'm not saying it's the same when a white person or a black person says the word... I AM saying that the NFL should be colorblind.
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