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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
I don't understand why he is still allowed to post here. He only posts stuff about race. He even suggested that Rahim Moore failed because he was black, that Jim Leonhard would have done better because he's white, and all this while posting tripe from jimmy the greek about how blacks are better athletes than whites.

The only person here who even takes him seriously is epicdramanyuk, yet he is still allowed to post here after being banned multiple times.

What're you gonna do?
Ah yes, Jimmy the Greek. Career destroyed for saying something that countless black and white liberals have been saying for years with impunity.

Why not let him post here? Requiem has been banned multiple times for harassing people with neg rep bombs and God knows what else, and he's still afloat. He's thread stalked me for the sole purpose of throwing insults - which I thought was against the rules - and yet he's still here.

So who cares?

The issue you have here is more about personal beliefs of one poster rather than breaking of the rules and abusing the forum and getting away with it.

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