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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Eh. I'm a white guy. I laugh at racist jokes.

I agree that many jokes about racial stereotypes are pretty funny...

I do think there are reverse racism examples (Obama's reelection, for one).

reverse racism runs rampant in this country nowadays.....ever notice how it is generally caucasians that are charged with "hate" crimes or labelled racists?

...but I definitely avoid that word.

As do fact the only time it is even uttered by me is when these kind of discussions are debated

Nothing positive comes from it and there are no words a minority could say to me that has the same emotional degradation or or negative connotation and that's really the bottom-line for me.

While I too was raised that "sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me"....but not everyone has my attitude to the whole name calling thing.

Some whites do have a problem with being called "cracker" as it is meant to demean them as racist, slave owner loving, pieces of white trash

I'm also a believer that if you legitimize one freakshow you're gonna have to legitimize them all. If using the word "cracker" is ok for blacks to use, then I'm not shocked that some whites don't see the big to do over this guy using the "N" word. Which is why I said if the NFL is gonna have a punishment for using the word they need to make sure ANYONE regardless of race is punished for it.

"Honkey" or "cracker" will never have the same emasculating effect or have the same power to undercut an entire race and their cultural accomplishments with a single word.

"cracker' is being used to undercut the white race just the same as "****er" to undercut the black race.

Maybe Jews can associate somewhat since their "k-word" is pretty heavy too, but I simply don't have a place to say either.

And yet amazingly, the same race baiters like Jackson and Sharpton who point out every use of the "N" word are usually the worst offenders when using Hymie town or Kike once again...a derogatory name is a derogatory name regardless of who says it

So you can turn this into a conversation about liberalism, anecdotal experience and about how common blacks use the word themselves, but the bottom-line is that you're reaching to justify something that's wrong. And even if you found enough to justify it, it's still wrong and always will be.

I'm not trying to justify anything.....but I do understand where others who feel the way Cito does are coming from. And I've stated numerous times on here that it is wrong to use it, and it shouldn't matter if a black guy or white guy says it

Last thing: How did you fit a weird anti-evolution rant in there?

Just pointing out that the ridiculous argument FOR using the word is if you're black, you can use it.......well, according to some people, we're ALL descendants of blacks from Africa, so if being black is justification for using the word, and we all have black ancestors, then that means everyone is justified in using it.

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