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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Eh. I'm a white guy. I laugh at racist jokes. I do think there are reverse racism examples (Obama's reelection, for one).

...but I definitely avoid that word. Nothing positive comes from it and there are no words a minority could say to me that has the same emotional degradation or or negative connotation and that's really the bottom-line for me.

"Honkey" or "cracker" will never have the same emasculating effect or have the same power to undercut an entire race and their cultural accomplishments with a single word.

Maybe Jews can associate somewhat since their "k-word" is pretty heavy too, but I simply don't have a place to say either.

So you can turn this into a conversation about liberalism, anecdotal experience and about how common blacks use the word themselves, but the bottom-line is that you're reaching to justify something that's wrong. And even if you found enough to justify it, it's still wrong and always will be.

Last thing: How did you fit a weird anti-evolution rant in there?
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