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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by errand View Post
Can't say I blame Cito for having the attitude he has.......after all, if the president can claim a black person's life experiences can cause their racist views of whites, then why can't the scenario be reversed? Maybe some blacks have wronged Cito......or a member of his family?

Add in that we've been told by the liberals in this nation that

the entire world's ancestors came from Africa,

that Adam and Eve were actually black,

and that it's cool if blacks call other blacks the "N" word regardless if they use the "er" or "a"

so using their alleged truths, then that logically means that Cito's ancestors are from Africa, and were black, and since that means he's really a black man, why can't he use the word if it's allegedly ok for blacks to use it?

If a woman went around calling other women a B itch, a W hore, or a C unt.....why would she then be shocked if a man called her the same thing?

amazing how a black man can call a white man "cracker" or "cracka" and nobody says crap (and "cracker" is used the same way as "N" word is used - to cause hurt, demean, and make fun of)...but when the roles are reversed and a white guy uses that "N" word it's a major crime?

I've said it many times on here....a derogatory name is a derogatory name regardless of who says it. Justice for everyone or justice for no one.....if the NFL is gonna punish him for saying it, they should punish everyone who says it or any other derogatory name regardless of skin color
Eh. I'm a white guy. I laugh at racist jokes. I do think there are reverse racism examples (Obama's reelection, for one).

...but I definitely avoid that word. Nothing positive comes from it and there are no words a minority could say to me that has the same emotional degradation or or negative connotation and that's really the bottom-line for me.

"Honkey" or "cracker" will never have the same emasculating effect or have the same power to undercut an entire race and their cultural accomplishments with a single word.

Maybe Jews can associate somewhat since their "k-word" is pretty heavy too, but I simply don't have a place to say either.

So you can turn this into a conversation about liberalism, anecdotal experience and about how common blacks use the word themselves, but the bottom-line is that you're reaching to justify something that's wrong. And even if you found enough to justify it, it's still wrong and always will be.

Last thing: How did you fit a weird anti-evolution rant in there?
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