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Originally Posted by CSU Husker View Post
Just called and got my hook up for the year. First off, I have gotten Sunday Ticket free the past two years. This year got $25 a month off my bill, and free Red Zone channel. I didn't know they could just give you the Red Zone channel, but apparently they can. I even logged in online to verify it and it shows on my account as just Red Zone channel. Should be good enough, don't really need the full package.

They also offered to give me the Genie system, but that would require a 24 month agreement, so I said I would think about it. Anyone have the Genie? How do you like it?
I got a free upgrade to the genie recently. I've had directv for a long time, so I know I will have it the 24 months. I didn't think it was that big of deal when advertised, but after having it for a month I like it.. I have 3 rooms I used dvrs with, but now I don't have the bulky dvr boxes , the genies are a lot smaller where you barely notice them. The main one in the house is about half the size of the reg. dvr. The convenience of having all recorded shows available to you in each room is great, has a lot more memory for recorded shows, I believe 1 terabyte. I like the ability of watching one show in living room, pausing it & turn off tv then pick it up in bedroom and we hit pause again and we haven't missed a thing. The main box has picture in picture which is pretty cool, if you want to watch golf in the background w/o sound, and watch something else at the same time. Can't wait to try with football. Ideally PIP the screen would be divided equally in half, but one screen size is bigger than the other, and you have options on where to place them on the screen. I give it a thumbs up personally.
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