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Nope. The GOP invited the radical fringe into the party in order to take the South from the Dems. It was the Lee Atwater "Southern Strategy" that got Reagan elected. They peddled the mantra of "states rights", abortion, flag burning, more prisons and the various wars on drugs and homosexuality. It was so successful, they couldn't afford to change their tune. They had to keep throwing meat to the ravening fringe. Now that fringe has congealed into a tumor the party can't excise. It has metastasized and it wants to sit in the driver's seat.

You can already see what is going to happen. The fringe is going to line up behind Paul and Cruz and the rest of the party is going to line up with Christie and the GOP establishment. It's going to be a cage match to the death. Popcorn time.
Put down the pipe, Roh.
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