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Let's be real here. Does this really surprise you? After seeing how the 2012 election went down after basically having the race in the bag due to the economy and the midterm results, are you really surprised at any of the stupidity that goes on on the Republican side any more?

After seeing the countless brainless blunders they've unleashed for, oh, the last 24 months or so, a situation like this is par for the course. In any other time, in any other administration, this would be huge news. But there has been such continuously bad battle selection on the part of the fact, there hasn't been any selection, it's just been one big battle.

People are sick of it, as Congress' ratings get worse and worse, setting a new record each month. The Tea Party has infiltrated and is in the process of destroying the Republican Party. If the Republicans want to retain the brand name, they would be smart to adopt the liberal policies so many on here have stated time and again. If they continue to pander to the Tea Party, they will be replaced by a party more resembling Libertarianism. It's only a matter of time.

But regardless, they need to change, and they need to do so by no longer advocating policies that target the poor, like food stamps, minorities, like immigration and voter ID, marriage rights and medicare.

The polls are in, and unless you are still in the bubble that believes most polls are faked, the polls say change, or die.
It's not a TP problem. It's a leadership problem. Leadership says to whomever wants to raise a fuss about a side issue like this "Hey, I hear ya, but we need to can it in this case because it's insignificant in the big picture and here's why"

In any group of hundreds of politicians, you'll always have a few nitwits that want to argue over this or that inconsequential bit, maybe on principle, or for spite, or any myriad number of reasons.

It's the leadership that either lets that see the light of day or sidelines it. And letting this kind of crap fester with the kind of real, cataclysmic type problems we're facing is the real problem. They lack discipline and focus. And they've had enough of a chance now that it's clear that new leadership is needed.
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