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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
So for 10 years all weve heard from democrats is how big business needs to pay, they should pay more. We see the righties sticking to the same old same old of finding something wrong with anything obozo does, and we see the lefties drinking the koolaid and supporting it, what the heck happened to corporations need to pay more ? if this was bush doing this you guys would be outraged, yet here you are talking about how great this is. All thats missing is labf with some stupid cartoon showing how much better things have gotten since the savior took office.
I've been arguing for a more sane tax system (both for businesses and for individuals) for years. I am 100% behind any effort that moves us away from the current highly exploitable system.

Ideally we would have a tax system for businesses that taxes access to our market (i.e. a VAT or national sales tax) rather than profit made by the company, but barring that, we should have a simple, low rate, progressive tax system that allows deductions only for charitable contributions to U.S. charities.

Big businesses should be paying more, and small business should be paying less. That's what lowering the marginal rate and removing deductions will do.
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