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GD. You honestly think people who aren't currently insured are going to go out and sign up for (really expensive) benefits because the federal government says pretty please?

They can't really enforce the mandate. Obama already set one part of it aside. If anything they've added incentive for people to remain uninsured (because now they can hop off and on at any time) And you think this thing is going to fly.

Rates spiking. Deathly Spiraling. That's where this is headed. If the Feds can even get their act together well enough to even get a "marketplace" running in 60 days.

What exactly do you think the Fine the Freeloaders Health Care Act of 2010 really accomplished?
This post is so utter uniformed its exhausting, but its a light day at work, so:

1. Yes, people who have pre-exsiting condition will go sign up for the one of the 17 compaines plans' who will particpate in Colorado. Someplans will be lavish, others will be less expensive and consumer driven, so they will have deductibles with low monthly premiums. Other people will be obstinant, like there were prior to reform, and they will pay a penalty. When they get sick, the rest of us payers will have to make up for their portion of the risk pool, yet again.

2. They can inforce the mandate, the individual one goes into effect Jan 1. Like I said, you will get a tax penalty if you don't sign up, essentially forcing you to pay something so when you get sick there is at least something in the pot for deadbeats. Remeber, this law was designed to let good, earnest people who couldn't buy insurance do so... we just get the fund the morons on the way as well.

3. Rates have burst upward for 10 years, and compaines are spiking them NOW because they can't after January 1 without some really good reason. If anything, you will see rates grow at a much, much slower rate when the ACA goes into effect.

4. It was a States reposnsibility to set up exhanges to help their citizens. LA and TX did nothing, did not expand Medicaid even wiht funding gaurantees, and now the Federal Government they hate so much now has more power over their States and their citizens. Colorado' sunveils plans form 17 compaines in 2 weeks, the Exchange is set to go October 1, and we have expanded Medicaid for the poor with full dollar support this year from the Fed, and 90 on the dollar the next year... so aks youself, if you need insurance and can't get it, how happy are you with Texas and LA?

What did it accomplish, the goals it set out to. Let 30 Million uninsured by competitive health plans in the State, put regs on insurance compaiones so they can't continue to **** our citizens, among numerous other essential reforms.

Heres a question, what have conservative done for the last 30 years of this problem I'll wait, it will take a while. Oh, and I will give you Medicare Part D, but please, go on....
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