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Keep grasping at straws, its entertaining to watch Conservatives squirm because they know this is going to work, they can't do anything to ruin it for people, and they will be the politcal losers for it.

So hooray
GD. You honestly think people who aren't currently insured are going to go out and sign up for (really expensive) benefits because the federal government says pretty please?

They can't really enforce the mandate. Obama already set one part of it aside. If anything they've added incentive for people to remain uninsured (because now they can hop off and on at any time) And you think this thing is going to fly.

Rates spiking. Deathly Spiraling. That's where this is headed. If the Feds can even get their act together well enough to even get a "marketplace" running in 60 days.

What exactly do you think the Fine the Freeloaders Health Care Act of 2010 really accomplished?
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