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The finger-pointing for Detroitís decades of decline usually starts with the 1967 race riots. High pensions for unionized workers get its share of the blame, as does the global economic trends that upended the auto industry.
The idea of a right to live for upwards of 40 years for free of a pension from an old job is preposterous. People need to shake out of the idea. Social Security is meant to be supplemental, which is why it's called supplemental. It's not supposed to be lived off of to the exclusion of all else.

Such programs were put into place when people lived much shorter lives than they do now. You simply cannot have tens of millions living off the dole for free and float an economy and medical system. If you can work, you need to be.

If you work for a city government, for example, and retire in 1990, you should not be entitled to live off the dole until you die in 2030. Ridiculous idea. Mooching. Destructive.
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