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Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
It is a 10 team league RB/WR is flex
I have Ivory as my flex guy.

Good points. I still need a kicker and I was going to drop Flacco. I figure I could still pick him up in FA. I never thought about Pita being out. I was toying with the plan of alternating Daniels and Finely as to their schedule. I was looking and saw Brian Hartline is still available and he would possibly be a good addition. I feel pretty good at RB where I have Bradshaw as my 4th RB but preseason hasn't even happened yet and I will need some flexibility.

So you think I should drop flacco and one of the TEs. Pick up a kicker and maybe Hartline. I drafted Jackson and I almost took Hartline there as I think he is going to have a good year.
Yeah I would definitely drop them for the best rbs/wrs available. Hartline isnt a bad way to go. Hes most likely a #3 wr which is a nice addition at this point. But its possible you can do better.

Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
One guy drafted Percy Harvin. I told him Harvin is out and offered him a trade of Bradshaw and Decker for Alfred Morris. Too me I would love to add Morris and that would push Ivory to the fourth spot.

Does this make sense to him at all? I think he'll pass on it because he does have miles Austin he could use in place of Harvin. But the preseason hasn't even started and he already has lost a starting WR.
To him, no, it makes absolutely zero sense. Morris is a true bell cow #1 rb. Considering how rare great rbs are, and how few of them exist in the modern NFL, the demand for them is insanely high.

Id trade Julio Jones for Morris and not think twice. But if you dont like that idea, offer him Amendola and Ivory. Having AP, Mojo, Morris, Julio, and Decker would be nasty. You would need some backup wrs, well at least 1, but they are not as difficult to find on the waiver.
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