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10 or 12 man league? Flex? 2-3 starting wrs?

Thats a very risky team. Ivory, Amendola, Bradshaw, and Finley and injury prone players. Ask any fantasy football expert and they will tell you the games about minimizing risk. Ive played competitively for many years now and this bit of advice is the single most important aspect for any serious player.

Mojo is a great pick in the 3rd imo and landing him there makes him the best potential value pick of your draft. Cam is a very good pick in the 5th, but even if hes top 5 this season, its only a very good pick as opposed to a home run. Bell is the 9th is good value for a starting rb no matter how you slice it. Great pick there.

Your team has potential, especially if Amendola can put up top 10 numbers, which is entirely possible. The problem is you have a good chance of having having a bunch of talented players on your bench for weeks at a time, or worse having to let players go because of serious injuries. I would without question drop Finely or Daniels (Id drop Finely), and add another rb or wr, regardless of the structure of your league. Flacco is taking up a potential rb/wr as well, and I dont think hes worth it especially with Pita gone.
It is a 10 team league RB/WR is flex
I have Ivory as my flex guy.

Good points. I still need a kicker and I was going to drop Flacco. I figure I could still pick him up in FA. I never thought about Pita being out. I was toying with the plan of alternating Daniels and Finely as to their schedule. I was looking and saw Brian Hartline is still available and he would possibly be a good addition. I feel pretty good at RB where I have Bradshaw as my 4th RB but preseason hasn't even happened yet and I will need some flexibility.

So you think I should drop flacco and one of the TEs. Pick up a kicker and maybe Hartline. I drafted Jackson and I almost took Hartline there as I think he is going to have a good year.

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