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Originally Posted by Smilin Assassin View Post
Might just be me getting greedy. They took $25 off to take me to $50 a month, so $97 for Sunday Ticket Max is still a discount. I'm curious if you bargained them down before or got it free previously?

I had Sunday Ticket free last yr. Could be why I'm "Not eligible" for it this year.
I haven't gotten any freebies from them for years and didn't bother with Sunday Ticket at all last year....mostly because there were only about 3 or 4 Broncos games that weren't shown in my area, so I'd just hit up a bar.

I think that helped me. I've been with them for about 15 years, haven't asked for anything in years and have been paying on time. They've made a nice chunk of change off of me and can afford to take a hit for a few.
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