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Originally Posted by Irish Stout View Post
They opened in February or March of 2012, which was about the same time as Hogshead and Prost. I consider that pretty new.

Denver Beer Company opened about this time of year in 2011. I still consider that fairly new, compared to Dry Dock, Great Divide, etc... Their initial beers were not nearly as good as what I've had their this summer. They seem to have got the hang of it now. Especially if you like belgian styles and sours.

Strange and River North are definitely my breweries of choice right now, though Great Divide always impresses with their consistency in delivering a quality beverage. I'm personally not a huge fan of Prost, though they're leaps and bounds better than Denver Beer Co. across the highway.

De Steeg on Tennyson is also putting forth some tasty beverages. Not hard to find a good place for a good beer in this state. Not sure that Weld county has any decent breweries though. Maybe that is why they want to leave... they hate beer.
You know, you're right. I could have sworn they opened in '11, but I guess I was off on that by quite a bit.

Denver Beer Co. has just never impressed me with their offerings. it's a great PLACE, and I love that I can bring the dog and hang out in the sunshine on their cool patio, but as far as beer goes, it's just not impressive at all.

Strange's 1000 Barrel IPA is awesome, and a must-have every time. Same with the Strange Pale, which is beautifully balanced, IMO.

I'm with you on the consistency of Great Divide. That place is awesome. Titan is amazing, and I love what they do with the Yetis. That Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti is just incredible. Doesn't hurt that I'm in there so many times per week, they give me good guy discounts almost every time. I got absolutely hammered in there two weeks ago, had at least 5 beers, and paid $10. At the top was "Good Guy Discount."

I was pleased.
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