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Don't piss off Manning.
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CJ Anderson

I want to address something here. Its not that I don't like Oz. I think he can to be a very good QB for us. Here's an example. During 1-1 drills King was running a curl route. DB was all over King through the first two cuts cuts of the route. But that third and last cut where King opens his body and hands for the ball, Oz pass was on the money. That is something the (he who shall not be named) could never do. Oz can make that tight tight window throw were the WR has only a step on the DB. Maybe I'm spoiled because I expect that out of my QBs. The next level for a QB to know what all ten others guys on offense are suppose to be doing. Then know what all eleven guys on defense are trying to do and out smart the defense. Part of that is experience which Oz is going to have to wait til Manning hangs up the helmet. But the other part of knowing everything there is to know about what's happening on the field isn't there yet.
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