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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Errand is going to need you to clarify exactly how many articles and posts referencing Julius Thomas and his hype have been created and until it hits exactly 100 then you are a fool and he hasn't been even a little over-hyped for a mid round draft pick that was never active on game day the past two years.

Thank you.
I was at camp yesterday. Thomas looks VERY impressive. Huge, smooth, powerful, good hands, fights for the ball. His first step is a little slow.

He did get pancaked in the backfield once but good. It was two defenders and they laid him out. But I couldn't catch their numbers. If Thomas can stay healthy, he will be starting and teams will have to gameplan for him.

The guy that is really impressive though is Wes Welker. His cuts are like razors, he doesn't telegraph when or which direction, and he gets open a whole lot.
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