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I thought Irv and Joe died. I didn't know they were still on the air. I always hated those old bastards. All they used to talk about was football from a gambler's perspective.

I like Sandy Clough, he's grown on me as I've gotten older. He knows his stuff and gives a fair analysis.

The new Fan morning show is okay. I love Lombardi, he's funny and knowledgeable, but Lundy and Evans come off as dick holes. When a show spends the lion's share of its air time baiting texters it means they suck.

Dmac and Al have gotten horrid. All they do is argue over linguistics. Both of them lost me in the offseason after the Super Bowl when they decided to start sniffing Joe Flacco's jock.
I like Gary Miller and Tom Nalen so I guess the 'locker room' on 102.3 has some potential. We'll see.

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