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Wesley Woodyard

I used to be able to stand Evans when he was with Hastings. I used to love Vic when he was with Gary. CJ and Klatt were an ok mix together, but I've come around to believing Klatt may have been a great radio personality, even though I disliked him. He made Evans slightly tolerable too. I just couldn't stand some of his takes on college football, but he did go to CU, so there is that issue.

Vic and Evans don't work for me... too much ego, without enough ability from Lundy to reign them in. Scott and Drew are ehhh. Dmac and Al's schtick has grown stale, though its maybe the most entertaining show on the local radio right now. Nalen is awesome.

I think we need a couple of posters on the Omane to get on the radio. It would be better than a lot of the crap we get. But, like the weather, if you don't like the sports radio here, wait a couple days and they'll stick some other schmucks together.
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