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Originally Posted by crush17 View Post
104.3 is best from 6am-Noon

Its a tie between 104.3 and 102.3 from Noon - 3pm. I love Scott and Drew, but they can get verrrrry boring. Les and CJ are ok, they get a lot of good info but Les really is a giant douche.

From 3pm-6pm, honestly now that its Kreckman, Nalen, and Gary Miller- 102.3 has replaced Al and.DMac for me. I cant stand Al and Dmac anymore they are just a pair of bumbling idiots. Complete. Tools.
Never listened to CJ until they moved him to the Les show. He's god-awful, it's amazing he retains a position in the industry. I have moved my workout time to 3 to avoid him.

Nalen is the best thing going on Denver radio, which speaks volumes about the market that a neophyte broadcaster is significantly more listenable than all the "seasoned" professionals.

Oh and Scott and Drew - zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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