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CJ Anderson


D-line: Offensive line is catching up to the Defensive line. The first day D-line completely dominated the O-line. However there are a couple of bright spots on the D-line. Seems like the Defense rolled out something new. 3-4 look. Wolfe, Vickerson and Knighton on the line. Miller, Irving, Woodyard and Ayers standing up at the line.

LB's: No blitzing from Von again. Irving playing MLB but didn't see him in coverage. He does play the run well.

DB's: Bruton and Ihenacho both had a few snaps with the 1's. During 1-1 drills with the WR the offensive side gets a huge advantage so when the DB does something its to be noted. DRC made a pic jumping a square out route. Aaron Hester did give up a TD but did break up two passes. One in the endzone and one on the sideline. Aaron has the size of a safety, I's like him for the big nickle package. But for right now PS him and more time to learn how to play would be good for him.

Edit: Webster also had a good day. Plus he had a Int jumping a corner route.

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