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Originally Posted by UltimateHoboW/Shotgun View Post
WR/TE: The stars of camp today! OJ was running with the 1's in the "221" set (2wr, 2te, 1rb). This is not hype. This is what is happening. OJ has better skills and abilities than Green and better size and strength than Tamme. Having Welker is going to make a world of difference this year. Stokley was good but Welker is another story. You hear him rip the field with his cuts.

I'll post more after work.
Follow up to the camp report.


DT: Had a bite of a quite day. Not that he didn't do a lot. Just wemt out there and did his job, nothing awesome. Felt a little bad for him because when Decker walked by the side lines all the girls would wildy cheer for him. I feel that DT is the better WR than Decker and isn't getting the love that he should.

Decker: Did his job, nothing awesome.

Welker: Caugth everything that was thrown in his general direction during 1-1 drills. You can literally hear him rip the turf with how hard he makes his cuts. Made a nice double move and made a over shoulder catch for a TD. Then there was a 3 combo route that he ran with perfection. It was a corner, post, comeback route. Impossible to cover 1-1.

Greg Orton: Had a good day. Made a double move and caught a TD fadeing to the sideline.

King: Having a good camp each day. Made a TD catch on the other side of the field.


Dreessen: Solidly with the 1's. Not the best route runner or the fastest. But the best blocking TE.

J. Thomas: He's been working on his blocking. Showed strength at the line, but its still new to him. He needs to learn to keep his balance. During 1 snap he got pulled to the ground after hitting the LB in the chest.

Tamme: Hardly saw the field today.

#82: Don't know how this is since but his better than Reed. Who ever thought that Reed was going to challenge anybody was smoking the good stuff.
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