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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by g6matty View Post
I dont have a problem with you man but i read a few articles today and one even proclaimed osweiler the most improved bronco since last year. Everytime you did a camp report so far you said hes been un impressive.. What gives
Yes Oz is better from last year. But there is better and there's good enough to start and a chance to win. When I report I'm trying the best to give a no BS no sugar coat of what I see out there. I'm not trying to sell newspapers but for me to have credibility here if I see Oz miss a blitz pickup I have to say that. News reporter is going to sugar coat stuff. They have to because happy fans buy stuff. I don't want to be a chef fan or a faider fan and be delusional that think we got a shot when we don't.

Do I want Oz to be the guy. Yes! Did we waste a 2nd on the guy? Who the efff cares, its been spent. Was it smart to get O? Yes! Manning isn't plating forever. But if I tell you he great and he takes a crap on the field. How is anybody going to read next years camp report.

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