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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I think he's going to be better than Koppen would have been this year. Seriously. Dan Koppen wasn't even on the Broncos radar until Walton reinfected his foot. That means they were going to do the Ramirez/Walton thing regardless. And we all know Walton isn't a world beater.
Good view Kaylore, that's the way it certainly looks. And everyone that is down on Manny for some mostly early season sacks last year at guard may like him a lot better at center. He knows the O now much better after a year and full offseason with Manning and its clear the FO had him pegged as backup to starter Walton and this didn't bother resigning Dan until Walton had to get more surgery and we needed Koppen for depth behind Manny.

It could well be that SV can fill in for Manny about as well as Koppen at this stage of each players career. I had the willys about Koppen coming back after heading for almost certain retirement when we didn't resign him. Sometimes those older knees only have so much left to give regardless of how willing the heart. Feel bad for Dan but think we will be okay in the Oline nonetheless.
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