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Originally Posted by 55CrushEm View Post
Holy crap! Best deal I've heard yet. How long will your bill be at $47? 1 year?
2 years, surprisingly. It will only go up if I want to add in all the stupid movie channels I get for free for the first few months, which I won't do. This guy I was on with was incredible. Kept adding discount after discount and literally threw in the Sunday Ticket Max at the end without me even asking for it. He just asked me if I liked the NFL. I said yes and he said that he could give me it for free.

They also have a partnership going with Verizon for cable right now in my area. I locked in their 75/35 Fios Internet for $60 a month for 2 years. That's less than I'm paying right now for Comcast and it's in theory going to be a lot faster than my current Comcast connection. If I didn't sign on for that, my directv would cost $57 a month instead of the $47.

So, overall I went from paying $180 a month for directv tv and Comcast internet to $107 a month for better directv with genie and Sunday Ticket Max and faster internet.

So glad I decided to just make the call on a lazy sunday afternoon.
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