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Originally Posted by Johnykbr View Post
Interesting stat on ESPN:


The Broncos offensive line took a major hit in losing Koppen. Peyton Manning was sacked eight times in the Broncos first three games last season, all played without Koppen taking a snap. Koppen played 95 percent of the team's snaps the final 13 games of the season, with Manning getting sacked 13 total timn those games.

The Broncos allowed one sack for every 35.8 dropbacks with Koppen on the field last season, compared to one sack for every 18.1 dropbacks with him off the field. Although the Broncos were much better with Koppen on the line, they managed to remain above the league average of 16.7 dropbacks per sack in his absence.
That's not on the center only. The team and the O line was just finding it's legs and gelling as a team. Had Koopen started from the day one those first three games would still be higher i'll bet.
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