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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by Broncoman13 View Post
Camp very different from what we've been accustomed to. Ky and I both thought so after it was over. Just kind of boring and not very exciting. I thought Oz looked pretty good. Big arm and good feet.

A good bit of STs work today. Decker, Welker and JJ along with Trindon taking reps as returners.

Nacho looking good. DRC looked good as well. Focused on Irving a little bit. He was running with the ones at Mike and didn't do anything that stood out (bad or good). The DLine was hard to figure. At one point you had Vickerson, Pot Roast, Sly and Wolfe on the line. I tried telling the guy next to me that Wofe was at DE in that set and be argued that it was Von. Okay, whatever.

Orton, King and Robinson all looked decent at times. We are so stacked at WR it's amazing. King got behind Champ in one on ones but was able to recover and get a hand on the ball in the back of the endzone.

Decker, DT and Welker spent a lot of time just talking to Manning between reps. Decker looked great today and DT had a couple good catches as well. At the beginning of practice they opened with 11 on 11 work and Welker toasted Bruton... Made him look silly. But Manning didn't see him and went to a TE underneath. Welker was pissed and stayed down near the endzone for a bit.

Julius had a few nice catches as well. He catches the ball so easily and uses his body nicely. I think he will have a very good year if he stays healthy.

At one point they lined up for some passing work vs the D. DT, Welker (slot), Manning, Hillman (I), Julius, and Decker. Defense didn't have a prayer without pressure. That is a nasty combination of offensive talent. I truly believe this team can a average 35 points per game.
Who is this Bruton you speak off? do you mean David Bitton the safety?
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