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CJ Anderson

RB: The RB's did do some drills on our end of the field. The QB's and RB's did do hand-off drills and did do a new hand-off. I'll only say it has a look to freeze the DE. Today was a better day for the running game.

M. Ball: He's a big back and he's fluid in his cuts. Made a couple good cuts off the tackle/Guard combo. Also caught the ball well out of the backfield, granted it was against no coverage. Split time with the 1's and 2's.

Hillman: Played almost all snaps with the 1's. Hasn't done anything to lose that position. Caught the ball well.

L. Ball: I don't know if we are going to keep him. Had 2 drops during drills.

CJ Anderson: Made the play that got the crowd and the team wowing. ZBS off the TE and took it 50 yards to the house.

J Johnson: Uneven day. Make a play then disappear.


The ZBS was a lot better today. It was better with the Tackle/Guard and the Guard/Center combo. The Tightend/Tackle combo needs a lot of work still because that side of the line got caved in a lot of times. Wish I could tell you more but a lot of it happened on the other side of the field.
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