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Brock Osweiler

Originally Posted by UltimateHoboW/Shotgun View Post
This is going to be a short report today. I had the worst seats ever. I had to sit at the end of the south endzone and the team was all the way on the north endzone most of the practice.


Manning: What can you say that hasn't been said. Its Manning. He targeted on Wes Welker a little bit today.

Osweiler: I felt that he had a rough day today. Had a couple balls batted down?!? The guy is 6'8" how does that happen!. He did make a nice connection with King during Goal to Go drills. It was in the North endzone so I can't give more details about how he got open.
At ASU he had a low release point, and had a problem with getting balls knocked down. Could be something he reverts to under pressure.
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