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Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
I spoke with a couple of guys I know about this kid and Changed my Signature!

The thing about him is he is a pure, raw pass rusher more than a football player. He is an injured Bruce Irvin clone to summarize. With Von out for being F'ING Stupid, this kid needs to step up and rush like a maniac.

He needs to be a sponge and start assimilating the NFL DL stuff and be able to play Sooner rather than later. However, that was one thing scouts were truly worried about as he was slow to learn the terminology in college. I would love to see him mature and act like a Professional from the get go and give us some real pass rush depth. In the meantime, My Adopt a Bronco Malik Jackson needs to step up and be the Monster I know he can be!
He was not your pick. He was mine, I talked him up, and if you are going to say he was your pick, I will find and post all links where I talked him up.
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