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Peyton Hillis

Originally Posted by extralife View Post
A gap blitz is irrelevant. it's not like the center is responsible for blocking everyone at once. of course there's the question of recognition and of picking up the right guy, but that's not unique to the center position. the actual concern is that he gets blown up one on one. peyton manning and wes welker are pretty good blitz-beating personnel too.
You're missing the knock on Ramirez. He can hold up just fine at the point of attack when he fights head on - his issue has been with lateral agility, and being able to shuffle well after contact. Successful pickup of an A gap blitz requires great interior communication, and the ability to slide quickly into the hole and properly position yourself in the path of the rushing LB. It's relevant because that (so far) has been Ramirez' glaring weakness. He hasn't shown that he can even lock up and shuffle the defender really well. He's almost the polar opposite of Beadles who has great feet, but can't really hold the point of attack (up to this point of his career).

An A gap blitz stretches the capabilities of all three interior linemen, it's just that he (at Center) would become the instant question mark in that trio - and yes, that's relevant.
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