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Originally Posted by bombay View Post
His OPS declined in each of his last 4 seasons with the Cardinals. Of course, when the decline began it was an astronomical 1.154.

The Cardinals got 11 first ballot hall of fame seasons from Albert for quite a bit less than market value, then Artie bailed them out of having to overpay for his declining seasons. I'll always pull for him, anyway.
Thats the thing that made me scratch my head with Pujols' and Hamilton's contract too.

With Pujols, you're looking at declining production, which is normal for a player aging, so you know he isn't going to average amazing numbers throughout his contract. Yet, he gets the record contract and of course, follows it up with the declining production trend.

With Hamilton, you got a guy who is injury prone and one of the most inconsistent players in the game.
He was the MVP through May last year, maybe stretch it to the All Star break.
But he was bad in June, tremendously awful in July and then decent in August and September. But those months in June and July cost a LOT, not just to his numbers, but the Rangers. I can not believe he still got a huge payday given his age and history.
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