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Malik Jackson

WND (formerly WorldNetDaily or, as it was affectionately known to its fans, WingNutDaily or WhirledNutDaily) is an extremist conservative website founded by Joseph Farah in 1997. It espouses a fundamentalist Christian, creationist view of the world. Its political leanings are right-wing, pro-"Christian right," and supposedly pro-United States, with strongly libertarian economic views. It pretends to give multiple sides of an issue: the conservative viewpoint and the ultra-conservative viewpoint. It is far to the right of Fox News.
While they present themselves as news, WND is essentially a tabloid for radical right-wingers. Their publishing standards are rock-bottom, and they have run stories from extremely questionable sources on many, many occasions.[1][2] They are best known for distributing Ann Coulter's insipid columns, as well as articles written by noted political analysts Chuck Norris and Pat Boone. They recently added disgraced baseball bigot John Rocker as well, indicating they've decided to drop the dog whistles and go with overt racism.
The scary thing is that this bilge is actually slightly influential, with made-up bull**** from WND making its way out the mouths of wingnut congressmen and cable TV pundits far too often.[3]
(Rational Wiki)
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