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Default What is the solution to this my liberal OM friends?

"I wasn’t going to ask about the Greensboro concerts, parties and other public events that also feature large scale black mob violence. So much so that city council considered banning them.

But the city council did not. Even the 11 p.m. curfew the city council imposed in a near panic for this year’s Fourth of July almost did not make it. At least one city council member said the curfew was not fair because it targeted black people.

That council member ended up supporting the curfew. But no one knows what would have happened had she decided to make a bigger deal out of it. But she assured them she would not be playing “the race card.”

Only one speaker belled the cat and identified the rioters as “black kids.” The other council members said the large scale violence was not really the fault of the people involved anyway. They placed the blame variously on jobs, housing, poverty, lack of recreation, lousy parents. All the usual.

They did have a midnight basketball program, several council members said. And that seemed to be working just fine. But their idea to hold a free movie downtown, and invite all the disaffected youths, as they did a month ago?

Let’s just say they won’t be doing that again.

Finally I Googled it and looked it up on Twitter: “Large fight Greensboro.”

There it was. Thursday night. More than 200 black people at a party. Fighting. Destroying property. Firing guns. Assaulting people. Fighting cops.

All about half a mile outside of the downtown curfew zone. Six people were arrested

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