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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Irish Stout View Post
The gun legislation in CO was stupid, especially when it does little good and forced out a decent sized business. That being said, Colorado was democrat controlled through and through for the first time in a long time. We've had years and years of republican control, republican laws and republican mandates that had the super liberals of Boulder up in arms for a long time. Boulder wanted to be its own state at one point... of course it was the same ridiculous thing as here, where only 50 people were in support of it.

Things change, and they can always change back. There are still a lot of red districts in CO and all they need to do is put up better state senators that vote in the red, rather than in the blue. Its the system. Don't like the changes you see going on, move to where you do or fight the changes through the system over time like many others.
They could always move next door, to Utah. That's as red as it gets.
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